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What is New Light Studios?

New Light Studios is the product of Jacob Seace and Jakob LaVarta wanting to create something innovative and different. Based in the Tampa Bay area, we serve individuals and companies in all fields of work, turning their visions into reality.

Over the last year, we have had the privilege to work and create with businesses, charities, and many other organizations, striving to leave a mark on the community.

We want to bring a new light to telling your story, through the arts of photography and videography.


Jacob Seace

President & Creator

Started as a young artist full of ambition. Jacob created New Light Studios from the ground up. Jacob knows each customer, client and brand are different and treats each one with their own specific approach. Jacob loves his job and hand selects his employees to provide quality service for his customers.



VP & Post Production Director

Jakob started with New Light Studios in 2018 as a part time editor. Jakob is now a full time creator and editor. While shooting and editing videos, Jakob’s creativity and creative process play a big roll in every video New Light Studios makes.

Help us welcome the newest member of the New Light Studios team!💡 Skylar will be over seeing our  social media management! Which includes SEO, Social Media platforms, PR needs, and more.

Dani Brandt

Administrative Director

Dani joined the company in January of 2019 as a customer service representative. She now also helps to make sure office operations run smoothly. However, her most important job is handling the Jakes.

Skylar Williams

Content Manager

Skylar became a member of the New Light team in July of 2019. She oversees social media management as well as website management. She too is responsible for the Jakes.